English for Children

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Getting children excited and involved in learning a new language from an early age can be a great starting point to aid their career and development. Especially learning from a young age, children can learn quicker than adults and retain a lot more information and knowledge!


Giving your child a head start from an early age

Learning a new language from a young age gives your child a great start in life and starting early makes it easier for them to learn too. Even if they have already started learning English at school for example, there are lots of ways for children and teens to continue their learning journey. With English for Children and Teens, these are tailor made lessons based around your child’s learning needs and cover a wide range of topics and fun learning activities.

Covering a wide range of topics and vocabulary

Online English classes for children cover reading and comprehension activities, listening with question and answer activities, wide ranging vocabulary topics, and lots of grammar practice and activities too. With teaching English to children lessons, topics for zero language based students include numbers, colours, animals, the alphabet, beginner phrases and sentences and then progressing to basic grammar for children depending on age and level.

Keeping Lessons Interactive

All lessons are high energy with lots of props and toys to aid learning along with interactive games to keep the younger students engaged throughout class. For the older children and teenage learners, lessons are still fun and high tempo but with a more mature level of learning material. Interactive games activities are still used to keep lessons engaging and fun whilst learning.

Flexibility is Key

Lessons can be booked around your availability and there is plenty of flexibility if you have a busy lifestyle! Lessons can be 30/45/60/90min long depending on availability and how many hours per week you would like to learn. All I ask is for 48hrs notice, where possible, of any changes to pre-booked lessons.

Learning in a relaxed environment

All lessons take place in a fun and relaxed atmosphere where students feel comfortable learning and are carried out on secure platforms with a choice of Microsoft Teams, Skype or Zoom, whichever suits you.

As these are tailor made lessons, you can book as many lessons as you like and when a bulk purchase of 10 lessons are bought, you will receive a 5% discount off the usual full price.

English for Children and Teens

  • Lessons start £18 per hour or £12.50 for 30minutes
  • 5% discount available when 10+ lessons are booked
  • Tailor made around child’s learning needs
  • Fun, interactive, engaging lessons covering a wide range of topics 
  • Use of props and flashcards to aid learning
  • Depending on level, grammar lessons included
  • Initial meeting to understand learning goals
  • 7 days a week lesson availability
  • Multiple choice of secure online platforms
  • Group learning or 1-2-1 options available
  • Optional homework


Payment Options

  • Direct payment via the website
  • Paypal
  • Wise (formerly TransferWise)


Secure Online Platforms

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skype
  • Google Hangout
  • Zoom


Group Lessons

  • Learn with family or friends 
  • Maximum 4 people in a group class
  • Receive up to 20% off on a group of 4 booking a course/ 10+ block booking


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