Upper-Intermediate Online English Course (B2)

From: £510.00

  • Course Length 30 hours
  • Minimum Age 5
  • Lesson Availability Monday-Sunday
  • Lesson Time to be confirmed
  • Hourly Rate £18.00

Is this the right course for you?

Do you want to improve your English? Do you speak English quite well but struggle with some of the more technical grammar? Are you looking to apply to an English-speaking role to further your career or studies? Well this is the perfect course to build on your already good level of English and expand your vocabulary and grammar range.

You can now study ESL online with this B2 course which follows the Cambridge English programme, incorporating all key aspects of the English language – speaking, listening, reading, and writing over the course of 14 units, as well as covering a wide range of grammar themes and vocabulary reviews.

There are lots of opportunities to put into practice what is learned in the lessons too, with interactive activities and games keeping lesson content varied and fun. Lessons are very interactive and include lots of conversation practice at the start and throughout each unit and class.

When will the lessons take place?

The B2 course is 30 hours long, and this is based on 1hr lessons, however 30min, 45min, or 90min lesson options can all be discussed. Lessons can be booked around your availability and there is plenty of flexibility if you have a busy lifestyle with lesson availability 7 days a week! All I ask is for 48hrs notice, where possible, of any changes to pre-booked lessons.

What if I don’t know my English level?

Can I test my English level? Yes! If you are unsure of your English level, I can organise an online English level test for you before starting the course. This will be a separate 1-off lesson testing all the key aspects of English - writing, speaking, listening, and reading to confirm you are starting the course at the correct level. The online English level test is around 1hr long and charged at £20 separately with results of the test returned to you the same day as the test is taken.

Key Language Skills

As with all my courses and English lessons, all key aspects of the English language will be used and practiced during lessons. From writing, speaking, listening, and reading, I will ensure you are confident in all the key language skills to help you progress in your learning journey. With the B2 course, a wide range of activities are used to practice each skill independently and together making the most of lesson content and lesson time.

B2 Course content

This B2 course follows the Cambridge English programme which consists of 14 units, and includes a wide range of topics from work, travel, home, family, and the environment, along with unit reviews at the end of each unit. Lessons are very interactive and include lots of conversation practice and games and activities during each class and throughout the units to practice new material.

The topics covered in this course include:

Grammar covered in the B2 Course:

  • Phrasal Verbs
  • Word formations
  • Collocations
  • Present perfect simple and continuous tenses
  • Compound and complex sentences
  • Prepositions
  • So and such
  • Too, too much, too many
  • Conditional tenses
  • Reported speech
  • Modal verbs
  • Idioms 

Online Learning Platforms

I offer a choice of secure learning platforms where lessons take place:

Microsoft Teams
Google Hangout


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